The following jobs are some specialty livestock based jobs. For other rural and farm jobs we place jobseekers in be sure to check out this page.  There are actually many types of jobs in the livestock industry of Australia especially around the larger cattle stations.  The breeds of cattle you will come across on cattle stations across Australia include: Brahman, Angus and Herefords.  Jobs on a cattle station are hard work, yet very rewarding.  It is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

Other station jobs include Nanny/Governess work, Cooks, Gardeners, Stockmen and women, Jackeroos and Jillaroos, Fencers & Bore Runners, as well as General Farm Hands for property/station maintenance.  




Station hands are a vital part of the success of a cattle/livestock station.  Recruits for these positions usually have a minimum level of horse and riding experience.  Cattle handling and mustering experience is an advantage but not necessary for obtaining one of these positions, as most Station Managers are willing to teach and train you……so it is very important that you are at least enthusiastic to learn!

The Bore Runner position is a specialty station hand person which will first and foremostly be responsible for the water and lick maintenance of the cattle station. This position will then secondly include the general station hand duties as well.

In general Station hands, Stockpersons and Bore Runners may complete the following tasks as part of their job:

  • Keeping water tanks and troughs clean and full at all times
  • Maintaining machinery, motors and generators as well as accurate records of all maintenance
  • Maintaining and operating submersible pumps and generators
  • Identify delivery of water in litres per second
  • Checking that holding paddocks and traps are in good order
  • Operating bore vehicle
  • Feed out and record any supplementary cattle lick used and needed
  • Identify and report the conditions of cattle and grass per paddock
  • Recording rainfall and maintain rain gauges throughout station
  • Collecting dung samples to send for faecal sampling when required
  • Cattle handling and mustering on both horse, motorbikes and quadbikes
  • Branding of livestock
  • Fencing construction and maintenance
  • On- farm truck driving
  • Welding
  • Feeding Lick supplement to the cattle herd




    Station life requires the feeding of many hungry employees three meals a day, as well as “smoko”.  The cook is a most important person and works very long hours, sometimes 7 days a week.  As a cook or kitchen hand you will be responsible for running a kitchen and cooking meals for the workers on the station.